Author Ryan Brown talks about Play Dead: The Movie

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Play Dead author Ryan Brown discusses his novel Play Dead and how he came to be involved with Doug Sakmann and Backseat Conceptions. Also, Ryan’s son Raff talks about his involvement with the book. Interview excerpt from the upcoming reality feature directed and produced by Joe Frantz (MTV’s Jackass, Viva La Bam, Bam’s Unholy Union).

A present from Ryan’s son Raff;

Behind the Scenes Photos – Part 5

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More action from Joey Mas of Philly! We had a great sneak preview last night at PYT Philly, thanks to all who came out! The trailer will be going online this week and Play Dead:The Novel by Ryan Brown comes out nationwide tomorrow, May 4th! Go buy it!!

Behind the Scenes Photos – Pt 4

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More action from Joey Mas of Philly featuring our lovely Jackrabbits and Badgers cheerleaders and more!

Cheerleader Tryouts!

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Everyone loves cheerleaders, and of course, it wouldn’t be a sports movie without them! Check out some of the Cheerleader tryouts for Play Dead, featuring (in order of appearance) Jessica Cnzop, Catrina Knightess, Kim Reo, Carmella Hayslett, Heather Doyle, Larry Kwartowitz and Catlin Riley! Everyone made the cut, but Larry and Catlin were not available on the day of the shoot!