Behind the Scenes Photos – Pt 4

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More action from Joey Mas of Philly featuring our lovely Jackrabbits and Badgers cheerleaders and more! Feature and Behind the Scenes

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Click here to check out the feature article on!

In the below exclusive clip from behind-the-scenes of Play Dead, Director Doug Sakmann discusses the setups with Director of Photography Jarred Alterman and Assistant Director Evan Meszaros and also works with his SPFX team to set up and create a zombie footballer getting tackled so hard his head flies off!

Play Dead is directed by Doug Sakmann (‘Punk Rock Holocaust’, Lionsgate ‘Sight’, ‘The Burnt House’) and produced by Backseat Conceptions, based on the novel ‘Play Dead’ by Ryan Brown which is being released by Simon and Schuster on May 4th everywhere books are sold.

Play Dead: The Movie stars newcomers Brandon Jones as the Killington Jackrabbits star quarterback Cole Logan and Kate Boyer as ace reporter Savannah Hickham, as well as Chris Gonzales and Michael O’Conner as Booker and Manny of the evil opposing team the Elmwood Badgers. The project also features genre actors Monique “Gata” Dupree (Satan Hates You, Skeleton Key 2) as the mysterious Black Mona and J.D Brown (Wicked Lake, The Burnt House) as Coach Hickham.

Behind the Scenes Photos – Pt 2

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More zombie football action photos from Joey Mas of Philly

Press: Bloody-Disgusting and Dread Central

Check it out, two of our favorite horror sites, and both did writeups on Play Dead! This is just the beginning…


What happens when you mix the zombie comedy mayhem of Shaun of the Dead with the teenage wonder years of “Friday Night Lights”? You get a movie with a football team on the prowl to score a bite out of your ass along with their touchdown. Are you ready to Play Dead?

The film which has been directed and produced by Doug Sakmann in association with Backseat Conceptions and is based on the novel of the same name by Ryan Brown. The novel Play Dead is set to be released by Simon and Schuster nationwide on May 4th 2010.

Cheerleader Tryouts!

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Everyone loves cheerleaders, and of course, it wouldn’t be a sports movie without them! Check out some of the Cheerleader tryouts for Play Dead, featuring (in order of appearance) Jessica Cnzop, Catrina Knightess, Kim Reo, Carmella Hayslett, Heather Doyle, Larry Kwartowitz and Catlin Riley! Everyone made the cut, but Larry and Catlin were not available on the day of the shoot!

1st Stills from the Movie

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Check it out, here are the first screen captures from some of the scenes in the movie featuring Brandon Jones as hero quarterback Cole Logan, Kate Boyer as the intrepid reporter Savannah Hickham and Monique Dupree as the mysterious Black Mona! Also the football scenes feature Chris Gonzalez as the evil Booker from the Elmwood Badgers and J.D Brown as Coach Hickham!

Meet Black Mona – Monique Dupree

Announcing the latest edition to the ‘Play Dead’ cast, the ‘original Black Scream Queen’ Monique ‘Gata’ Dupree as the mysterious gypsy woman Black Mona! In this clip we’re rehearsing via Skype with Monique (in Baltimore) and our hero Cole Logan (in Philly, played by Brandon Jones) as Mona issues a warning about the Jackrabbits resurrection!

Play Dead in the Press!

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Check out the writeups on the big game shoot in the Philly Daily News gossip column “Dan About Town” as well as the popular Philly Event Blog Thrillist!

Wanna play dead? Director Doug Sakmann is seeking extras to work Saturday on the set of “Play Dead,” a horror/thriller/comedy about a high-school football team that is murdered by a rival team and that comes back to life as zombies hell-bent on revenge. The shoot in Northeast Philadelphia is the big game between the Killington Jackrabbits (the zombies) and the Elmwood Badgers.

For time and location info, e-mail The film is based on the novel by Ryan Brown, son of author Sandra Brown, and formerly an actor on “Guiding Light” and “The Young and the Restless.” Sakmann says he’s still casting football players and asks interested men to send a head shot and a resume. For more info on the film, visit”

Meet the Elmwood Badgers

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Check out the next in a series of early auditions for “Play Dead”. Featuring the first audition of Chris Gonzales as Booker Flamont and Mike O’Conner as his lackey Manny. In this scene they discuss how Cole Logan will not be playing the big game.

Play Dead now casting!

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We’re currently casting for a fun zombie football project to be directed by Doug Sakmann. We are looking for a large variety of cast and are holding auditions this Saturday March 27th in Fishtown, please contact to RSVP and get more info, please include headshot and resume! Character descriptions below.

Also, we’re looking for a school bus (short or full size) to be used in the movie. Mainly the shots will be with a football team on the bus, but if we can get it for the right budget we are going to DRIVE IT OFF A BRIDGE! If you have a bus you want to be part of movie history, or are just looking to junk please contact

Backseat Conceptions is looking for non union male/female talent to appear in Zombie-comedy project set to shoot in early April.

Available Roles:

Cole Logan– Male/Caucasian/legal 18 to appear 17-19. Star quarterback of the football team. A rebellious hero, intense, and determined. Handsome, all-American type. Athletic/average build. Tattoos/Light Piercings OK – LEAD

Savannah Hickham– Female/Caucasian/legal 18 to appear 17-19. The football Coach’s daughter and top reporter for the high school paper. Sexy, fearless, sharp, and charming. Possible love interest of Cole. Fresh-faced and pretty. Doesn’t wear lots of makeup or anything too revealing. Trim/healthy figure. LEAD

Black Mona– Female/30-60/All Ethnicities-Cole’s mysterious neighbor with unexplainable powers. An eccentric woman who keeps to herself. Spiritual and superstitious.  Should have striking and/or unique look. LEAD

Coach Hickham- Male/late 30s-40s/Caucasian- Head football coach and Father to Savannah.  Football is his life. A longtime coach and player who loves the game.  Firm and fair, demands respect from his players. Average to heavyset frame. Casual and athletic dresser always with a baseball cap. LEAD

Booker Flamont – Male/Caucasian/legal 18 to appear 17-19. Star Quarterback of the rival team the Badgers, Booker is a very intense individual. Mean, menacing and bulky, he becomes increasingly psychotic due to his rampant steroid use. Rival to hero Cole Logan

Killington Jack Rabbits & Elmwood Badgers Football teams – Male/legal 18 to appear 17-19/All Ethnicities/10-12 roles- Members of the Killington High School and rival football team. Attractive, all-American looks with athletic/sturdy football player builds. Badgers teammates are more intense and bulky due to rampant steroid use. Ability to provide own Football pads and helmet a major plus! SUPPORTING

Cheerleaders- Female/legal 18 to appear 15-19/All Ethnicites/6-8 roles-The cheerleading squad of Killington High, the high school sweethearts with a lot of spirit! Cute, teen-queens with spunk. Fit/Trim/Athletic body types. Gymnastics, tumbling, cheerleading experience and uniform is a major plus! SUPPORTING

These positions are unpaid, with possible pay for Leads.

The auditions will take place this Saturday, March 27th in Fishtown, Philadelphia. Interested participants should RSVP for more info at email Please attach head shot and resume to your email.

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