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The Vegetarian Star has picked up on director Doug Sakmann’s response to their initial article about using real animal parts for scenes in ‘Play Dead’. There is now a thread going on about the moral and ethical issues this may raise for vegetarians and other people! Head on over there and give your two cents, we’d love to hear it!

From the Vegetarian Star:

“Unlike meat used for food, dead animal props isn’t a common requirement for most films, so the industry probably isn’t spending millions of dollars on it. What do you guys think?

Should we not make such a fuss of using real meat this way in movies and instead focus energy on ensuring live animals aren’t being abused or hurt in the entertainment industry?”

Here are some responses:

“If these animals evolved to a level of sentience equal to that of people they would no doubt have scores of their ranks aspiring to contribute to the world of art and film just like us people. Mr. Sakmann is only following in the steps first taken by the famous Body Worlds exhibit and the controversial yet highly respected work of Joel-Peter Witkin, except he has opened the spotlight up to animals of all walks, not just us highly evolved apes. This should be heralded as a feather in the cap (a feather found on the ground and not pulled from a living bird) for animal activists who should be looking to end discrimination against animals in the art world.

I’m a 15 year veg, and I think this is a great thing.”

“its dead people eating dead animals, see it would be bad if they were alive because that would just be…. terrible, live eating the dead.also the footprint (carbon) of a plastic prosthetic is probably 10 fold greater than a chunk of flesh, and i am sure the parts were given to the horses to eat in the end because all horses tun into jello in the end anyway, so it was a dead on dead then animal on animal crime, no one loses except vegetarians and the local chineses restaurant.”

Savannah Hickham (Played by Vegan Kate Boyer) discusses the merits of eating a horse with Cole Logan (Brandon Jones)

Spanish Press and the Vegetarian Star Raves!

Check out the writeup on the Spanish Horror site Aullidos – translated below;

Zombies + Football = Play Dead

“Here we show the first images of PLAY DEAD , the film that is driving crazy Doug Sakmann. (???)

When a football team is killed by the opposing team, a witch of the place brings gamers dead back to life turned into zombies so they can defeat their opponents in the last game and by the way, save their own souls.”

And also, the Vegetarian Star is raving about ‘Play Dead’!  Check it out here!

“Play Dead is a new zombie comedy that combines the football fanaticism of Friday Night Lights with the horror of Night of the Living Dead.

A high school football team is murdered by a rival team in a football obsessed town. A witch brings them back to life to take the championship and save their own souls, complete with gory play by plays.

In this clip, director Doug Sakmann makes a horse corpse from meat bought from a supermarket.

Completely disgusting and uncalled for, especially considering how easy it is to make fake flesh props for the screen like those used in Suck.

Feel sorry for actress Kate Boyer, who’s standing around the mess and is reportedly a vegan.”